Clinical Nutrition:

A lot of conditions like Hypertension (high blood pressure), Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Renal (Kidney) related issues etc.… are conditions that need at most care and are better maintained and healed with nutrition therapy. In these conditions body requires various nutrients for better functioning of organs.

Pediatric nutrition:

Kids are the tender age group which need the most care for healthier adulthood. Growing with right weight & height for the age is a sign of healthy growth and development. At the same time giving kids their options of likes and dislikes interests them to follow a nutritious life.

Weight Loss:

Weight loss is not only about the number of kilograms, it is also about reducing the fat % in the body and improving your muscle strength. Crash diets are not something that should be followed for this inner change & well-being. You can always eat according to your culture and habits but tweaking them in a healthy way.

Weight Gain:

Gaining weight does not meal we can eat any food in any quantity at any time. Weight gain is also a healthy journey to build your optimum fat levels & muscle in the body in parallel to increase in the number of kilograms of weight.

Sports Nutrition:

To reach the goal or smash a ball with the best strength eating the right nutrients is necessary. Balancing the nutrients of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, fats & fiber is important for every sport. In addition to this the hydration levels should be maintained to avoid muscle cramping and fatigue while playing a sport.

Women’s Nutrition:

All women go through the roller coaster of hormonal imbalance which impact our health physically, mentally & emotionally. This balancing can be achieved with the right nutrition during every stage of life for a women. A women’s journey is of different phase as child to puberty to adulthood dealing with pregnancy, post partum and to old age. All these stages require nutrition in different ways and customized to each individual to heal themselves.